In recent years, LG has stepped up their smartphone game and have brought fantastic, high-powered devices to the market. This year they’ve continued the rise as one of the top phone manufacturers with their V30 and G6 smartphones.

Let’s take a look at both of these similar, yet subtly different phones:


The G6 features Gorilla Glass on the front and back of the device while the V30 features an industrial aluminum design on the back. Both phones look elegant while remaining functional while in hand. The fingerprint sensor/home button is placed in a logical spot, right in the middle below the camera on the back of the phone for improved reachability over competitors.

And in case you were wondering, both phones feature a standard auxiliary output for headphones—music lovers rejoice!


Both of these phones feature massive screens, perfect for media consumption. The V30 has a 6” Quad-HD+ AMOLED FullVision Display, while the G6 sports a 5.7” version of the same display. To put it simply, these displays are gorgeous and make video viewing and general web browsing a great experience.

While the previous V20 featured a unique second screen for toggling different settings, the V30 this year ditches the second screen in favor of the Floating Bar, which glides along the side of the phone and can be opened with a tap to reveal app access, the music player, and quick-toggle settings.

Unique Features

The V30 packs significant punch in the audio department. Separating itself from other flagships in the category, the V30 features a built-in quad DAC which makes audio sound incredible, sure to impress even the pickiest audiophiles.

Both the V30 and G6 also feature dual-camera systems which enable users to create stunning visual effects such as blurred backgrounds and improved focal lengths. The LG

The Final Verdict

Both of these phones come in at different price points, the V30 being the more premium flagship and the G6 a more affordable version for most people. Whichever phone you choose, if you are looking for a premium, near-stock version of Android, LG is a great company for smartphones.