It’s finally fall, which every year brings beautiful leaves, crisp weather, and a new iPhone! This year, Apple launched three new iPhone models, the 8, 8 Plus, and the highly coveted iPhone X. There is so much to talk about with the X, from its powerful A11 Bionic chip to its massive, bezel-less screen. Here’s what we thought of it:


Apple finally gave their iPhone a significant refresh this year with the iPhone X, and it is both refreshing, yet feels familiar to anyone that has used an iPhone before. Instead of an aluminum build, the iPhone X features a glass panel on the back which Apple is claiming to be the most durable glass found on any smartphone.

The glass back also enables wireless charging (more on that in a little bit) which is a welcome feature for the iPhone line. The X comes in two colors, for now, Space Gray and Silver, but they’ve been known to launch special edition colors like the Red Series earlier this year.


The most standout new feature for the iPhone X is definitely its screen. Sporting a 5.8” Super Retina OLED display, the iPhone X is beautiful and looks even better than the previous models. The screen is responsive as you would expect and the notch at the top really isn’t that noticeable once you start marveling at the gorgeous colors on the screen.

Unique Features

Gone is Touch ID, welcome a new way to unlock your phone: Face ID. Many other smartphones have tried facial recognition software to unlock their device, but Apple has something special here. As you saw in the keynote, the user needs merely to glance at the iPhone X, and it unlocks. Instantly.

The truth is, Face ID actually works as advertised. We haven’t had many issues unlocking the phone via facial recognition, and it works fairly quickly, just as Apple promised.

Another standout feature of the iPhone X is the introduction of wireless charging for iPhone users. They integrated the Qi wireless charging which enables it to work on a variety of pre-existing charging pads.

The Final Verdict

If you love iOS and you’ve been waiting for an iPhone that is a real game-changer, we recommend you pick the iPhone X up.